These are some of the telecommunications products that we offer for your company.

Hosted PBX Systems

Unified communications

This type of power plants is ideal for companies that wish to migrate to the IP world, save costs in interconnection of offices or branches, improving processes, analysis and control. Among the main functions we have: - Unified Communications: Telephony, Messaging, Video and FAX. - Tariff and control of calls: Control of calls by destiny, by annex. - Conference rooms: Meetings and events. - Recordings: Incoming and / or outgoing calls - Videoconferences, Voice Mail - IVR by campaigns and schedules - Mobility and low-cost mobility. This type of exchanges supports from 500 extensions to more, digital lines (E1, T1, etc.), analog lines, Voip lines on a large scale. Central ideal for companies that want to save on telephony, take the maximum advantage in providing a better service to their customers, with projections to expand without investing too much. This type of power plants can support up to 50 extensions, with the same characteristics as a high-end power plant. Save on technical maintenance and administration, since this type of IPBusiness central, has an easy to manage interface.

Virtual PBX Systems

Website administration

We are pioneers in this technology. This type of power plants are economic and with great communication advantages for companies that are just beginning. The great advantage of accessing this service is that you do not have to acquire any physical power station, you can communicate between annexes unlimitedly from anywhere in Peru and the world. You will also have the option of having a permanent support so that your business never stops because of telephony problems. Functions: - Virtual Operator (IVR) - Ring Groups - Voicemail / Voicemail - Call Forwarding - Control Panel - Call Recordings - Virtual Fax / Fax Servers - Incoming Numbering - Conference Room Many more features. We have a Web Panel, which will be accessed with a username and password, to make configurations of your Virtual Center, adapting it to your needs. You can access the reports and details of outgoing, incoming calls, between attachments, with details of time, called numbers, etc. from any device with internet access. Improves communication, obtaining unlimited communication between annexes, and the cheapest rates to any local, national and international destination. The quality of the calls is guaranteed as long as there is a good bandwidth (ADSL recommended or fiber optics).

Voip Wholesale Service

Billing platform

IPBusiness offers infinite possibilities of savings in communication for small, medium and large companies. The quality offered in this type of service is the best quality of the market, since we are not resellers, but we have own routes and carriers in Peru and the World. Quality Being operators in voip telephony, we do not depend on resellers or distributors, avoiding the pyramidal expenses that occur in this type of service, thus providing better options and rate plans. We efficiently transmit more than 10 billion minutes of voice traffic per month and we do so with a reliable and scalable network that can easily adjust to your needs, now and in the future. Interconnections throughout the world We currently have different direct interconnections from different parts of the world. Interconnections designed to provide high quality telephony services at affordable prices, both locally and internationally. We are the best option in quality, service and rates. Infrastructure and Own Networks Our services are backed by our own network and infrastructure with high quality standards. We have a monitoring team, quality control of networks and systems that works constantly, based on international parameters in terms of quality of service (bandwidth priority, instability, latency, loss of packages and MOS). High Demand Clients We currently efficiently transmit more than 10 billion minutes of voice traffic per month under our reliable and scalable network, minimizing incidents in service quality. Being able to support high demand without neglecting Quality towards our customers.

SMS Provider

Web platform

Today, more than 39 million people in Peru have a mobile phone and are able to receive SMS messages. The companies and organizations of the world have realized the enormous potential of interacting with customers, suppliers and customers who use the Text Message. "SMS Bulk (Massive SMS) simply involves the sending of large volumes of text messages at once." Guaranteed Service IPbusiness for today is one of the best in providing this SMS service. More than 120 companies and organizations use our mass text messaging solutions to send large volumes of messages quickly and reliably. Advantages of the Service Without initial investment, the implementation is immediate, sending in real time, you do not need to install any software, administration of campaigns and reports, broad capacity of sending. We have our own platform and easy to administer. Our Clients This service is currently used to reach any mobile phone, from its customers anywhere: Alerts, Reminders, Collections, News, Confirmations, Information, Calls, Surveys and much more. Web Platform We have a self-managed web platform for the unitary or mass sending of text messages. Check the status of online shipping campaigns, reports and user-level management quite intuitive. Access from any PC or device with internet access.